Corporate Communications is one of the fastest growing specializations in world, as the faculty transforms from being just another marketing tool in the scabbard of the top management, to being the primary driver, in this, the age of information.

Information is today sought (and delivered) in an Instant and the efficiency with which the Communication team reacts to such demands often spells the difference between the winners and the also-ran’s, making it one of the most revered power centres of the corporate world.

As the world shrinks and we become more and more wired to each other, Corporate Communications is no longer the sole domain of the spin doctors – every manager needs to be empowered, his/her communication skills honedto perfection. Today it all about conversations happening around brands in real time that needs to be addressed necessitating the transformation of every employee into a brand ambassador.

As the channels of communication proliferate with traditional media breaking up into ever smaller niche segments, the demand for the specialized communicator is skyrocketing—an anomaly, this course will seek to address.

The Course Content has been designed to provide the maximum exposure to the students and will seek to help them comprehend the communication conundrum from the point of the management, the media and the communication agencies. Stress will be given on making the course as interactive as possible so as to expose the student of real life corporatecommunications as opposed to imparting theoretical knowledge only. The underlying idea is simple—to help student turn themselves into battle ready communicators so that their transition from the academia to the industrybecomes as smooth as possible.

On another level, the course will help students by addressing their need to communicate and communicate effectively at that, so that they may add value to their own lives. The story of the salience of each individual’s brand cries to be told - and how better can such stories be recounted than from the Horse’ Mouth?